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Empire Maids is a house cleaning company based in New York City. We cover different house cleaning requirements of people located in New York. Our goal is to help busy individuals to still come home to a squeaky clean home.

Empire Maids serves areas in and around New York City including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx and New Jersey (including Jersey City and Edison and throughout Bergen County). We cater our cleaning services to homes of different sizes. Regardless if you have a small apartment or a three or four room house, we have enough manpower and tools to give you the home cleaning service that you need.

We offer competitive rates to all our clients. We can turn your messy home into a squeaky clean space that you would want to come home to without adding a burden on your wallet. We bring all the necessary cleaning tools and materials that can help make your home shine again.

Our company also makes use of non-toxic cleaning agents in order to ensure that your family stays safe. You can also guarantee that your pets are safe with our cleaning methods.

Our company has gained reputation providing only the highest quality of house cleaning service. And for the past years, Empire Maids has managed to get more clients on referrals. At the core of our company is a team of solid cleaners and people who are passionate about organizing and cleaning households. What sets us apart from the rest of our competition is our dedication to provide only the highest quality of work that can guarantee client satisfaction.

We are also open to suggestions and concerns from our clients. We are more than happy to receive both good and bad reviews in order for us to improve the quality of service that we provide to our market. We also made sure that booking is no longer a problem. With our system, you can already get the skilled cleaners that you need for your home. And you don’t even have to be present in your house when the cleaning is being done.

Empire Maids also has the skilled and trained employees that has solidified our position in the house cleaning market. Our stringent screening process was designed in order to give our clients not only the best cleaning service but also peace of mind.

If you find yourself having trouble with your home, you can always feel free to contact us. We are always happy to serve clients all over New York.