As often as you clean and maintain your gas stovetop, the reality is that it does nothing for the
state of your burners. From nasty burnt on grease to charred food bits; gas stove burners really
bear the brunt of cooking!

Across households, gas stove burners are often overlooked because they are more tedious to
clean. In general, it takes a thorough step-by- step process to really get those burners cleaned
safely and looking as good as new. Well, you can do just that by following the ultimate guide to
cleaning gas stoves burners shared below!

Step One: Remove Burners

Whether you have burner caps, grates or coils, to clean them efficiently, it is necessary to take
them off the stove first. Make sure to turn off the valve on your gas cylinder before you begin for
safety reasons. Furthermore, allow your burners to cool down completely if they’ve been used

Step Two: Arrange for a Place to Soak Dirty Burners

Depending on the level of burnt on gunk and charring, your burners will need at least 20
minutes of soaking time in boiling hot water. Plug your sink (make sure it’s clean) and place the
burners inside, pouring hot water over them until completely submerged. Alternatively, a large
enough stainless steel utensil can be used for soaking.

Step Three: Drain the Water, Leave to Cool

After 20-30 minutes, use a pair of tongs to remove the burners from the water. Set the burners
aside and leave them to cool down completely so that they can be held firmly when cleaning.
Avoid pouring cold water over hot burners as this may cause damage in the form of cracking or

Step Four: Clean with Dish Soap

Rinse out your sink or soaking pot and fill it up with warm water; add a dollop of dish soap and
stir it up to create a sudsy solution. Then, submerge your gas stove burners and start scrubbing
them one by one. Use a slightly abrasive scrubber for this as the stuck-on grime can be rather
difficult to remove. The soaking time, however, will make cleaning them much easier and more
effective as well! For any stubborn grime that isn’t coming off with regular dish soap, consider
using an ammonia-based cleaning product. In this case, you will need to scrub your burners
with a solution of (equal parts) water and the chosen cleaner.

Step Five: Rinse off Thoroughly

After your burners have been scrubbed thoroughly, it’s time to rinse them off. Do this under
running water and use your hands to rub away the soapiness completely. Rinse out each burner
and give them a quick wipe with a clean cloth before leaving them to dry out completely. For
added sheen, dampen a kitchen towel with vinegar and buff your gas stove burners till they’re
bright and shiny!

Remember, regular cleaning of your gas stove burners will make it a quicker and easier task
next time around!